Webinar Replay: 6-12 Month Sleep Chat

Webinar Details

Join me for an hour long webinar about all things related to sleep for 6-12 month olds!

Topics covered:

What is "normal"? What is a red flag? What are some things that cause red flags/excessive sleep disturbances?
How to optimize your child's sleep through healthy foundations- things you can implement today!
How to navigate nap transitions
Common challenges & solutions
& more!

Note: This is NOT a live webinar. It is a webinar replay. You will have access to the recording as soon as you register, and you will have access to it for30 days.

Taylor Kulik

Hi, I’m Taylor! I’m an occupational therapist turned Sleep & Well-being Specialist. I'm mama to a sparkler 3 year old girl and sweet baby boy. Going through my own journey of pregnancy, childbirth, and becoming a mother, I began to understand the major need for better quality, comprehensive health and wellness services for mothers. I became passionate about learning everything I could about pregnancy, postpartum recovery, motherhood, and infant sleep with a desire to help mothers navigate this beautiful, but challenging, journey. My vision is to empower parents with evidence-based information so that they can make informed decisions that validate their instincts.

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