Toddler Sleep Foundations: Attachment-Focused Transitions

Course Summary

Are you struggling with getting your toddler to bed or having nighttime challenges? Do you want to approach nighttime changes in a way that is respectful and puts your relationship with your child as the priority? If so, this course is perfect for you! This course is designed to help you better understand your toddler's emotion and sleep needs, how to set loving limits and create routines that work for the entire family, and how to shift patterns that are no longer working for you. This course is attachment and relationship-focused, with the emphasis always being on connection instead of separation. Find a sleep solution that feels right to you and validates your intuition! We will cover:

  • Understanding & supporting your child's big emotions
  • Understanding attachment
  • Setting loving boundaries & limits
  • What is "normal" toddler sleep anyway
  • Foundations of sleep
  • Common bedtime battles
  • When separation is too much to bear
  • Setting up connected routines, schedules, and environments that optimize your child's ability to sleep
  • Preparing to make changes
  • Navigating nap transitions
  • Night weaning
  • How to shift patterns that no longer work for you
  • Transitioning to a room and/or bed
  • Navigating night time fears
  • Early rises & split nights
  • Sensory processing & sleep
  • Sibling transitions


    All of these topics are covered in a holistic and comprehensive way that allow you to set goals and make decisions that are right for your family and your unique child. If you are looking for a one-size-fits-all approach, this is NOT the course for you! Our children are much too complex for that! This course will empower you to be your child's "answer", to meet all of their needs, and do so in a loving way that works for the entire family while optimizing sleep for everyone!
    *This course is designed for ages 12 months- 5 years old.

    What people are saying about the course:

    "As parents of a 23 month old son, we had been looking for a resource like this for quite some time. We are a co-sleeping, breastfeeding family. Our son has always gone to sleep nursing during bedtime, and through different methods for nap time. We decided to follow our instincts when it came to parenting our son, so we support him through the night as we do not believe sleep training is right for our family. Although we are confident in how we are doing things, it does present challenges. We have been thinking about when we want to have our second child, but our son's dependency on mom with his sleep is the top consideration as we wonder how to implement changes in a gentle and respectful way that will prepare us for the arrival of a sibling. We searched for help with this transition, and Taylor's course has been the most holistic resource we have found to implement a plan for preparing our son for a younger sibling. Taylor's e-course explains that changes will take time, and gives you practical tools to navigate the journey. The course provides a broad foundation on toddler sleep in relation to attachment parenting. It proceeds in later chapters to provide practical advice and examples on how to implement a plan that will fit your family and meets your child where they are. We are very glad we found this course, and would highly recommend Taylor as a resource."


    "Taylor’s Toddler Sleep Foundations course is amazing! There is so much helpful information packed in and delivered a clear and concise manner. She covers everything in your toddler’s life because, as she explains, everything affects sleep. This isn’t a quick fix for toddler sleep like other programs advertise but with Taylor’s insight and knowledge, parents have the tools to have a better, healthier, more well-rounded relationship with their children. I would definitely recommend this course!"


    "This course was SO unbelievably helpful for me and my family. Being responsive/gentle in parenting - I had such a huge difficulty finding any significant resources in regards to sleep. I am so happy I had the opportunity to take this course - and that my husband was able to watch it too. Understanding that transitions can and will happen overtime and that it is okay to have some crying when these transitions was so helpful for me to learn. That is something I struggle with! I am looking forward to continuing developing the bond that my daughter and I have with the added wealth of information from this course."


    "Taylor's course is very comprehensive and provides parents strategies to improve their relationship with their toddler and builds off it to support their toddler's sleep. This is not a "sleep training" course in the traditional sense; this course helps parents implement gentle, developmentally appropriate sleep strategies. This course is perfect for parents who prefer gentle, responsive parenting methods, who need help in supporting their toddler's sleep, as well as for parents who are looking for help to establish a more peaceful and securely attached relationship with their toddler overall."


    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Yes! There is some overlapping information because it would be impossible to create sleep foundations courses for both infants and toddlers without having some overlap, but the toddler course goes more in depth about emotion, attachment, setting boundaries, and the parent-child relationship. If you would like access to both courses, you can take advantage of the bundle deal, which saves you $75. If you have already purchased the infant course and would like to purchase the toddler course, you can email me to get the toddler course at reduced cost.

    We want everyone to be satisfied with our eCourses, and we also understand that our philosophy and approach is not right for everyone. We offer a money back guarantee within 14 days of purchase of the course if you are not satisfied, and if you have gone through less than 25% of the course. Please see our Terms & Conditions for details & requirements about how to submit your request for a refund. 

    You will have lifetime access to the course once you purchase it! The course is fully self-paced, which means you can go through it at your convenience in a way that works best for your schedule and circumstances, and you can always revisit areas as needed.

    Taylor Kulik

    Hi, I’m Taylor! I’m an occupational therapist turned Sleep & Well-being Specialist. I'm mama to a sparkler 3 year old girl and sweet baby boy. Going through my own journey of pregnancy, childbirth, and becoming a mother, I began to understand the major need for better quality, comprehensive health and wellness services for mothers. I became passionate about learning everything I could about pregnancy, postpartum recovery, motherhood, and infant sleep with a desire to help mothers navigate this beautiful, but challenging, journey. My vision is to empower parents with evidence-based information so that they can make informed decisions that validate their instincts.

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